Akhmetov went against Medvedchuk: is it a war or a calculated decision of oligarchs?


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Last Friday, Boyko, Levochkin, Rabinovich and Medvedchuk went all-in after holding a joint briefing at which they announced the creation of the project “Opposition Platform — For Life”.

But even these efforts did not melt Akhmetov’s heart, which was cold to these processes. A vivid confirmation of this is the harsh reaction of close to the last business partners, Vadim Novinsky, about the “power dancers” and even tougher — the current co-chairman of the party, Boris Kolesnikov, about the “litter”

The Akhmetov-Novinsky-Kolesnikov-Vilkul group controls the majority of local party organizations and the majority of deputies in the de jure of the united faction in the Verkhovna Rada. The plan of this group at this stage is as follows:

1) Exclude Boyko and Levochkin from the faction and party (and the subsequent exclusion of the deputies loyal to them is obvious, although this may not happen immediately). Also, obviously, they will exclude Rabinovich, who, in fact, long ago left “Opoblok”, but nominally is in the faction, because leaving it alone for the list deputy means the risk of losing the mandate, as after leaving the “Petro Poroshenko Bloc” faction deputies of Mykola Tomenko and Egor Firsov.

2) Rename the faction to “Strong regions”, and then hold a congress of a political party with the same name. Why is the name of the party exactly like that? Why not? The word “oppositional” is undoubtedly successful for working with its base voter — in opposition to the current government and values of the Revolution of Dignity, a clear identification with the policy of ending war and peace at any cost, Russian as the second state language, protection of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate from the “interference of church politicians questions” etc. However, the group of “gazoviki” in alliance with Putin’s godfather Viktor Medvedchuk actually monopolized this word, playing a lead in advance and calling its project “Opposition platform — For Life”. Therefore, the proakhmetov wing tries to outplay another group by choosing an even more successful name for voter mobilization, which is nostalgic for the times of power of the Party of Regions — “Strong Regions”. It is simple and clear.

3) The new party will be headed by the ex-vice-premier and the current co-chairman of the “Opoblok” faction, Oleksandr Vilkul. He will become a presidential candidate from “strong regions”. It was not the idea to put him forward, but the mayors of Mariupol or Zaporizhia — Vadim Boychenko or Volodymyr Buryak refused. With regard to the legal component of the gap between the two groups of “Opoblok”, the majority of the proakhmetov wing gives the field for any maneuver to deputies who are guided by “gazoviki”. “Gazoviki”, obviously, will create a new deputy group. Now there are two such formations in the parliament: “The will of the people” and “Revival”. “Opposition platform — For Life” will be the third. To create a full-fledged deputy faction, and not a group, they do not have legal grounds, according to the current legislation. Formally it will be with the party “Opposition bloc”. On the one hand, most of the party cells are oriented on the wing of Akhmetov. On the other hand, at the moment we do not have information about who has the seal of a political party physically, which may complicate the process of one of the parties. The group of “gazoviki”, meanwhile, can simply rename the congress of the party “For Life”, which is headed by Vadim Rabinovich. One way or another, it’s not a problem for any group to buy a “dead” party with flawless documents.

Regarding the presidential candidate from the union of “gazoviki” headed by Medvedchuk-Rabinovich, there is already a decision that it will be Yuriy Boyko.

The recommendation of the political council of the “For Life” party to nominate Vadim Rabinovich as a single candidate, which was announced a day before the joint briefing with Boyko, is part of the game, where Rabinovich will later refuse in favor of Boyko.

The latter one now has the highest support rating from all ex- “regionals”.

But Vilkul with a powerful financial, media and industrial resource of “Strong Regions” faces new challenges, — the newspaper writes.

Sociologists say that if Yuriy Boyko becomes the single candidate, 14% of the respondents would vote for him, 15.5% would vote for Tymoshenko. Other candidates, including the current president Poroshenko, would have scored less than 10%.
Thus, participation in the second round of the two candidates from the South-East practically negates their possibility of getting into the second round, which may be beneficial for Poroshenko.