Facebook has blocked the page of the National Corpus because of the campaign “No to the Kremlin invaders”


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Social networks Facebook and Instagram blocked the pages of the National Corpus after the publication of two weeks ago of the campaign “No to the Kremlin invaders!”

This was reported by representatives of the National Corpus in the new community.

“The campaign with the participation of the National Corpus and National Units took place in Kiev near the Presidential Administration with the requirements of the Ukrainian authorities to break off relations with Russia, to limit the activities of Russian business in Ukraine during the war, and so on.

Note that neither in the photo, nor in the video, nor in the text of the description of the event, published on Facebook, was there a single symbol, slogan and image prohibited by law”, — the National Corpus reported. According to political forces, Facebook demonstrates bias towards the National Corpus and Ukrainian nationalists in general.

“We are not the first, and probably not the last ones, who fell under the pro-Kremlin influence of the FB’s administration”, — the report says. Also the political force added that the office of the Eastern European region Facebook is still controlled by Russia. “Perhaps the time has come to go personally to the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and help him work more expeditiously in the area of protecting interests in the international arena?”, — the political force adds.