From cossack Gavrilyuk to Yatsenyuk and Tymoshenko. How did the faces of Maidan change five years later?


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November 21 in Ukraine celebrates the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity. By this date, we have already answered 21 main questions about the secrets of the Maidan. And now “Strana” reminds how the most active political participants of the Maidan looked five years ago and compares with what they look like now.


People’s Deputy from the People’s Front Tatyana Chernovol in 2014 was a journalist. In 2012, she was remembered for penetrating the territory of the residence of Viktor Yanukovich, Mezhigorye and before she was detained by the guards she managed to take several photos, which were then published on the web. In the same year, an unknown man who waited her at her own house, poured paint on her at the elevator. She was also beaten in her constituency, trying to figure out the origin of the fake leaflets with her name.

And on December 25, 2013, the incident with the beating of the journalist Tatyana Chornovol on the Borispol highway was one of the factors contributing to the radicalization of Maidan.

Photo: Tatyana Chernovol in February 2014 after the attack

Chernovol accused of what happened (and continues to do) the then leadership of the country, followed by the same accusations made by the opposition. At the same time, all the courts that had already passed under the current government did not find the political component in this matter. There was a domestic incident — an inadequate reaction of several young people to the provocation on the part of Chernovol.

After Tatyana Chernovol became a deputy, many say that she is prettier now and changed her hairstyle.

Tatyana Chernovol after 2014

And this year, she opened her own exhibition of paintings, to which other prominent figures of Euromaidan came — Arsen Avakov, Alexander Turchinov, Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Photo: Tatyana Chernovol at the opening of her exhibition of paintings in Kyiv


Yulia Tymoshenko under Viktor Yanukovych was convicted of gas contracts with Russia and served a sentence in the Kharkov colony. Due to poor health she was in the hospital of the colony, but immediately after her release, the deputies of the Rada voted for that, in February 2014 she spoke at the Maidan. Lady Yu was in a wheelchair, without make-up, but with a branded braid and high heels. She sat in the wheelchair because of back pain. At one time, Angela Merkel offered Yulia Tymoshenko to treat an intervertebral hernia in Germany.

Photo: Yulia Tymoshenko with her daughter Yevgenia (right) during her speech on the Maidan in February 2014

After the revolutionary winter, Yulia Volodymyrivna went on an amendment and even boasted that she was running 12 kilometers a day and preparing for the half marathon. For jogging, she often chooses volumetric caps and once she was photographed in a frank t-shirt.

Photo: Yulia Tymoshenko and “Running Banker” and Ironman Andriy Onistrat (right)

She also does not change her attachment to high heels and designer clothes. Some of her favorite brands are Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Photo: At the presentation of the New Economic Course of Ukraine, the presidential candidate of Ukraine was dressed in the same costume as the heroine of the “House of Cards” series.

The politician appears in public in pretty shocking outfits.

Photo: Left Yulia Volodymyrivna on her 55th birthday, on the right the heroine of the film “The Fifth Element”


Arseniy Yatsenyuk has noticeably changed. On January 22, 2014, from the stage of Maidan, he voiced the opposition’s demands for the cessation of coercive actions by the authorities within 24 hours. “Tomorrow we will go together. If there is bullet in the forehead, then there is bullet in the forehead. But honestly, fairly and courageously”, — he said.

Photo: Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Maidan in 2014, on the right with Yulia Tymoshenko

In 2014, Arseniy Petrovich headed the new government. And after the head of the People’s Front left the post of prime minister, he began to change his image and began to look more brutal (as far as possible): he grew a beard, got tanned and began to wear sunglasses.

Photo: Arseniy Yatsenyuk in a new image; on the right — at the reception in the US residence


The current head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs joined the party Fatherland until 2014, took part in the elections of the mayor of Kharkov in 2010, until 2012 he was in exile in Italy because of criminal prosecution in Ukraine.

During Euromaidan, he was involved in the infrastructure of the protest camp: barricades, a tent camp, and meals. He was appointed to the main Ministry of Internal Affairs with a margin of 1 vote (the candidacy of Vitaliy Yarema was also proposed).

After the mandatory electronic declarations for state officials were introduced in Ukraine, it turned out that Arsen Avakov is a fan of antique, collection wines, jewelry, paintings, weapons, watches and coats for his wife.

Photo: Arsen Avakov in 2014 and 2018

Avakov’s son, Alexander, who appeared in the so-called “Avakov’s backpacks case” (the case of buying backpacks at inflated prices), recently bought an apartment in Kyiv in a skyscraper with a rooftop pool.


The current president of Ukraine has not changed much in appearance — although at times he changes his image: he began to wear camouflage clothing more often. At the same time, on the Maidan, he belonged to the number of “moderate” and even entered into an altercation with the nationalists during the unsuccessful assault on the Presidential Administration.

Here is how Petro Poroshenko looked on the Maidan:

And that is how he began to look now:

Alexander Turchinov has a similar evolution: he practically did not change externally, but began to flaunt himself more often in military uniform.

Turchinov is on Euromaidan:

Turchinov as the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council:


One of the symbols of Maidan, Mikhail Gavrilyuk, whom the Berkut’s people were stripped of in the cold, became a people’s deputy. With this status he acquired a new look.

Gavrilyuk in 2014 looked like this:

After becoming a deputy, Gavrilyuk for some time went to the Rada with an oseledets and in camouflage.

Recently, however, he began to look more “bourgeois”:


The leader of “Avtomaidan” was remembered in several guises. At first he looked like this:

Then, in the midst of Maidan, there was a loud story with the alleged abduction of Bulatov. His photo after the release spread all over the media and was one of the growth factors of protest moods.

After the success of the revolution, Bulatov became Minister of Youth and Sports. From his scars almost no trace.

True, some associates of Bulatov on Euromaidan say that the attack on him and the cutting off of his ear were staged actions. Bulatov still insists that everything was more than real.


The current foreign minister was not in the possession of euromaidan, holding the post of ambassador of Ukraine to Germany under Yanukovych. But it is interesting because it radically changed its appearance, becoming the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

When appointed to this position, Klimkin was, we could say, fry:

However, in a few years of ministerial career, Klimkin gained a lot of weight, apparently in proportion with his diplomatic experience.

Also, Pavlo Klimkin periodically attracts attention with his casual style. In Avdiivka, he appeared this year in jeans, which were obviously too big.

And last year, a photo appeared on Facebook of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, which shows that the minister’s jeans were turned up several times.

However, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy has problems not only with jeans. His business suit also raises many questions.

At one of the meetings of the Norman Four countries, Pavlo Klimkin drew attention to himself with his jacket, which contrasted sharply with the clothes of the nearby diplomats from Russia, Germany and France.