How Groysman and Kononenko divided State Fiscal Service


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For some time now, there has been talk in the media about the “war” between Prime Minister Groysman and Petro Poroshenko for influence at customs.

Many believe that the discord in their relations is connected with the upcoming elections — they say, Poroshenko, in the person of Groysman, sees competition, and wants to reduce the illegal revenues of the premier from the SFS. In fact, this is the greatest bluff, since Poroshenko and Groysman are in fact one whole, and they have one goal — to steal as much money as possible through customs and tax.

This opinion was expressed by investigative journalist Olexandr Dubinsky.

As evidence, I publish documents that indicate that the most «bread» posts in the SFS were distributed through Igor Kononenko.

The list of candidates, under the guise of lustration, was formed by Nina Yuzhanina in 2015, after which it was submitted for approval to the presidential ally.


On May 14, 2015, Nina Yuzhanina sends a letter to Poroshenko’s “reshala”, the head of the PPB faction in parliament, Igor Kononenko. The subject of the letter is “promised”, and in the attachment there is a list of candidates for key positions of the fiscal authorities of the country out of 12 applicants.

This table was directly filled in by Nina Yuzhanina, and after coordination with Kononenko, another 15 candidates were supplemented.

May 22, 2015 Yuzhanina, updated the list transferred to the work of her assistant Katerina Gudimenko.

This list includes candidates who claim leadership positions in the fiscal authorities (tax and customs) of Ukraine. The appointments cover the Central Office of Kyiv and the Kyiv region, as well as various regions of the country — Zaporizhia, Odessa, Lviv, Kirovograd, Mykolaiv, Khmelnytsky, Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk regions.

From the table it becomes obvious that many candidates for the most “mouth-watering” positions are directly appointed by Kononenko, for example — the head of the SFS of Kyiv.

Kononenko is also considering the wishes of his entourage — deputies of the PPB Gennadiy Chekita and Maxim Kuryachy. One of the curators of key appointments to senior positions at the Kyiv and Sumy customs was the ex-regional, deputy and owner of the “Epicenter” hypermarkets Olexandr Gerega.

Boris Lozhkin carried out lobbying for appointments to Ukrzaliznytsya — through his own man — a member of the PPB, Grigory Shverk.

So, I provide the most «bright» candidates from the list of Yuzhanina:

• The championship can be given to the current head of the SFS of Kyiv Lyudmila Demchenko. Under Yanukovych, she headed the senior positions of the district inspectorates in Kyiv. After the revolution in 2014, “went into the shadow” and became an assistant deputy Yuzhanina. And already with her submission, in June 2015 she was appointed head of the Kyiv city fiscal offices. As it was not attempted to lustrate in the future — Demchenko retained her position through the court. Meanwhile, she oversaw the work of the conversion centers, through which about UAH 20 billion passed. Relations with Demchenko and Kononenko went wrong in October 2012, when she was the first deputy of the Pechersk tax of the Kyiv city and under her leadership liquidated two enterprises “Mriya Reklama” and “Concern Ukrprominvest”. The enterprises belonged to Poroshenko, and Kononenko was the director / liquidator. Officials of the “Concern Ukrprominvest” during 2011-2012 were suspected of deliberate tax evasion on a large scale totaling UAH 4.3 million.

• The second important person from this list is Igor Kondo. At that time he was the deputy head of the Lviv Regional Inspectorate. After agreement with Kononenko, in August 2015, he was approved as the head of the main department of the SFS in Lviv region. Kondo took this position without a public competition, and the issues of lustration did not concern him. Throughout his work, he has been involved in corruption related to the sale of posts and the protection of fictitious enterprises and conversion centers.

• Stanislav Kosinov — initially he was recommended for the leadership position of the State Administration of the SFS of the Kharkiv region. But he was acting First Deputy Head of the State Audit Office of Ukraine. In all likelihood, the place is quite “bread” and Kosinov was not going to change it. It did not prevent him from the fact that the next appointment took place without competitive selection and with the combination of two posts. Lustration also did not touch him, despite the fact that he held senior positions under Yanukovych, and also served as his authorized representative in Kharkov. His family is controlled by the largest companies in Kharkiv, which win the largest tender.

• Yuriy Mostipan, originally planned to appoint him to the district inspection of the city of Kyiv, which he previously headed. But in the end, he went even higher and took the position of deputy head of the inspection department on certain issues of the SFS of Ukraine. This is the same Mostipan, who was detained in 2017, together with the heads of regional and local authorities of the State Tax Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Revenues of “Klimenko” times, who are suspected of organizing tax sites. In the future, he was released on bail of UAH 1 million. And today he is deputy head of the personnel department of the SFS staff.

• Immediately, two positions at the Kyiv and Sumy customs were “assigned” to the deputy Olexandr Gerega. The Kyiv City Customs Department of the SFS was appointed Viktor Nesmiyan, the acting head of the Kyiv City Customs Department of the SFS, to the position of the head of the department for controlling the movement of goods. Well, and Sumy customs until October 2017 headed by Olexandr Gutsal. This is a well-known smuggler, thanks to whose schemes the budget did not receive tens of millions of hryvnias per month. Also at the Lviv customs smuggling was involved his eldest son Vsevolod Gutsal.

• An attempt to appoint his people in the SFS of the Odessa region was lobbied by PPB deputy Gennadiy Chekita — with whose name more than one scandal in Odessa is associated. For this, on May 18, 2015, he turned to the mediator Kononenko — Yuzhanina and recommended for the position of the head of the DFS in the Malinovsky district of the city of Odessa (territorially belong to his majority district No. 134) — Yevgeniy Gubarev, for which he sent his description. In the second letter — a resume with an autobiography of Andriy Khoma, who claimed to be the head of the DFS of the Suvorovsky / Malinovsky district of Odessa. These appointments did not take place.

I can assume that Poroshenko and Groysman were engaged in the placement of people in the SFS in all regions of the country and thus controls all their corruption flows.

To determine these flows does not require any effort, especially Groysman voiced these amounts. For example, his recent statement, in which he indicated that the budget additionally received UAH 70 billion a year from the fight against smuggling. This amount is the key when calculating the corruption revenues of the presidential team.