PR, «indeed»… Authoritative businessman from the 90s, Alexander Peterman, «wets» the Nizhnevartovsk mayor’s office with municipal money?


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53-year-old businessman Alexander Anatolyevich Peterman (TIN 860301048415), a native of Kzyl-Ogach village, Aksu district, Alma-Ata region of Kazakhstan, during the criminal period of the go-go ‘90s, climbed to the top of the beau monde of the oil city of Nizhnevartovsk, is well known to the observers of the “Kompromat-Ural” portal, employees of the competent authorities of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra and outside the district. One of the colorful nicknames is Hans.

According to the editorial staff of “Kompromat-Ural”, information resources qualify Alexander Peterman as a mass founder of legal entities. There are organizations in the list of his firms that are registered not only in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra (although there are 26 of them, of course, the majority), but also in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, the Kaliningrad and Ryazan Regions. Why do reputable Nizhnevartovsk businessman needed dozens of companies, we have to figure it out and tell separately.

Now Alexander Peterman revolves in another scandalous topic. Moscow media partners of the “Kompromat-Ural” editorial office report that Hans may be involved in a public relations campaign discrediting the municipal leadership of Nizhnevartovsk (the municipality is headed by the former police chief Vasiliy Tikhonov). According to the media, Peterman does not like the intractability of local authorities in the redistribution of spheres of influence in the housing and utilities complex: for the northern territory, cash flows in the housing and public utilities sector is permanent Klondike.

Some absurdity of what is happening gives the fact that the business of Peterman, the attacker on the city administration, is powered by the municipal order, i.e. on budget money distributed by the mayor’s office. And it feeds, by local standards, not bad. For example, LLC “Slavtek Corporation”, in which Alexander Peterman is already called “President”, only in the past 12 months, received from MUE “Teplosnabzhenie” and MKE “Capital Construction Management” three municipal contracts for 47 million rubles. And this is far from all the “preferences” in favor of the Hans’s economy at the expense of the city authorities.

Details of Peterman’s information attacks on power were highlighted by our colleagues from “Our Version” in today’s article with the heading “Psychiatric War” and the subtitle “In Nizhnevartovsk, the “red jackets” from the 90s launched a PR war against the mayor”. We quote:

“The small northern town of Nizhnevartovsk, which is located in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, threatens to return to the 90s. Serious passions unfold around the decision to transfer heat and water supply facilities to private management.

The housing and utilities sector in all Russian cities was and remains in the zone of special attention of residents, the public, and with the introduction of such a management system as a concession (just transferring to investor management) becomes the center of many hidden and open conflicts in which… no, not residents as it might seem, but those who are vitally interested in receiving their share.

PR War Background

The city of Nizhnevartovsk, like any northern city, needs a comprehensive modernization of housing and public utilities facilities. There are boilers in urban boiler houses that are 30 years old. At extremely low temperatures, which differ in the harsh Siberian winter (the average air temperature in winter is -30 degrees, sometimes reaches 40, rare values — 60 were recorded in 2016) the equipment works for wear. All that could and was done at the expense of the enterprises and the budget is the replacement of about 15 kilometers of trunk networks. It is approximately 5% of the total length of pipelines to be updated. This is a standard requirement, for more simply is not enough money. However, the test in the winter city annually overcomes successfully. Over the past 11 years there has not been a single major accident, as, for example, in neighboring Raduzhny, where in 2006 nearly several micro-districts almost froze. As they say at the enterprises, the secret of success is the highly professional teams that “prepare sleigh for winter”, starting in spring.

Battle for assets

The decision on the need for a complete modernization of housing and utilities facilities was made in 2017. A year later, the battle for assets began in the information field. A special firm was hired specializing in “monitoring, writing posts and analyzing the moods of the blogosphere” (the services of such firms are very expensive) and it started. A special public has appeared in social networks, the content of which is negative materials regarding Nizhnevartovsk, the mayor and potential investors. Further, for money, materials are distributed in the largest public groups of the city, forming public opinion. Briefly, the throwing thesis can be described as follows: “the urban economy is being cut, all those interested in the deal will get kickbacks and leave for warm countries, the oligarchs will collapse and dump us, and we, the simple inhabitants, will be left to the mercy of the devastated housing and utility complex, and we live in the north, for a minute”.

Theses of messages are well chosen and fall on fertile soil — the people are now basically dissatisfied with the government, with all the decisions that are being made. The performers deftly juggle with facts, mixing, for example, the decision on pension reform with the work of the head of the city, thus directing people’s anger in the right direction for the customer (about it a little later). The basis of the “combat program” is everything, even the personal tragedies of individuals who voluntarily or involuntarily become victims of a PR campaign.

Live-bait hunting

The other day, the Internet was filled with the headlines «In Nizhnevartovsk, the former chief accountant of the mental hospital was made a patient by force», «Nizhnevartovsk psychiatrists stole the accountant who left the hospital” and so on. Tsar of the headlines: “The accountant of the PND that headed by the wife of the mayor of Nizhnevartovsk, were placed in a mental hospital. She could have known about scams”. Even to a completely literate person after reading such a headline it becomes clear — the story is not about the patient, but about the mayor and for the mayor.

Regional, federal publications went into battle, they helped in posting materials at these sites — the specialists of all those media agencies, of course, were not for free.

Let’s not analyze the story in which too many dark spots.

Here is a brief outline. The woman was taken to the psycho-neurological hospital. They took her away with the opening of the door and accompanied by police and Emergencies Ministry. According to the attending physician, the patient received a message about the planned suicide. Having finished a week, the patient and her daughter demand to let her go, but this option is possible only through the court. The court held, the decision — to write out, can be treated on an outpatient basis.

At the same time, a campaign to “release a forcibly imprisoned patient” is unfolding in social networks and on the sites of various news agencies. It is alleged that they took her away without the knowledge of her relatives and without good reason. Carefully the emphasis is placed on the fact that she was the chief accountant of this institution and, as the lawyer hints «could have known about some financial irregularities». What exactly she could know not specified.

Later it will become known that the woman since the spring of 2018, apparently, is the patient of the hospital (alcohol abuse), that her dependence was carefully hidden (“honor of the uniform”) and treated anonymously. It also turns out that she was rather drunk after all and that she actually called the institution. It seems that there is a recorded explanation of the patient, where she talks about suicidal tendencies, as well as the desire to kill her former head, the head physician of the institution, and also, allegedly, the following:

“You know that Peterman is watching me, you will all be in trouble… if he so decides. And what do you think, everything is just like that? He knows how they took me here, he is constantly in touch”.

Is it sponsor?

Alexander Peterman, famous businessman in the city. Business comes from the 90s. Curiously, there are several exposing articles about the businessman on various websites where articles about the mayor and his spouse are now published.

One can speak about his recent business in the city already in the context of history. “Slavtek SPM” stores have long been unpopular with citizens — federal networkers offer products that are wider in range and more affordable. The once popular nightclub «Mirage» (popularly due to the unusual building received the second name «Plate»), the restaurant «Youth», the entertainment complex «Pyramid» (occasionally rented for banquets and corporate events) and many other objects — today is like a monument to A. Peterman’s once “efficient” business.

Being located in the center of the city, the destroyed objects do not decorate it and create a real danger. It happens, they burn, and there at any moment the floors may collapse… But this is a private property that they try not to notice and about which they try not to talk.

Peterman is known for his approach to any business — to declare himself in order to bargain for benefits. So it was during the elections to various levels of government — the city, district, State Duma. One gets the impression that every time he declared himself or declared his people, and then «retracted, carrying away» the decision.

Now there is a similar situation. Communication is easily traced. An article by local journalist Aigul Khisamova, who is also the editor-in-chief of the “Europe +” radio station and the “Family Budget” newspaper, which seems to be owned by Peterman, became the catalyst for the beginning of the information about the “stolen” chief accountant. Attempts to place for money materials in the local media (were not successful) were allegedly undertaken by their personal assistant Raisa Demina. And finally, there is statement of the patient of Nizhnevartovsk pcycho-neurological hospital where she mentions the entrepreneur as the curator of the whole campaign.

So, this whole black PR campaign is a peculiar attempt to make heard, most likely, not only on the scale of the city, but on the scale of the whole of Russia. It is not by chance that the federal media are involved. It is not by chance that the well-known Russian media agency has become the contractor for the performance of services to discredit the mayor.

The fact that this story will continue is clear to everyone and as the patient of the hospital stated, leaving the institution: “a blow is being prepared against you all, and I am only the first provocation”.

Therefore, the sight is aimed, the guns are charged and they will fire again, unless the sponsor gets what this muddy story was about. As they say, nothing personal is just business”, — the journalist Dmitry Petrov concludes ironically.

Material author: Anatoliy Amirov