Right after «Mezhygirya» of Yanukovych the time has come for Kosyuk’s «Versailles»


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Ukrainian public deputy appealed to the lawmakers — Prosecutor General, Head of the National Police and Director of NABU – about the seizure of land and illegal construction of the palace complex by billionaire Yuriy Kosyuk on the territory of the unique monument of archeology «Khotovsky hill» and grueling abuses on the territory of park-monuments of landscape gardening «Feofaniya».

The struggle against the tyranny of the impudent oligarch Yuri Kosyuk continues.

On September 7, in Verkhovna Rada, a new deputy’s request was made about the lawlessness of a daring billionaire to whom «the law is not written». About that public deputy said on his page on facebook.

It is well-known that a major public resonance in Ukraine raises the question of preserving cultural and historical heritage, including archeological monuments of national importance and parks-monuments of landscape gardening that still remain in the country.

Therefore, just indignation and numerous protests of the facts of encroachment upon such invaluable monuments on the earth, their careless preservation and even destruction, as well as the various abuses on their territory, caused by some arrogant rulers and oligarchs, are aroused.

There is the lack of proper response to this problem by law enforcement agencies, which in fact assist the offenders that angers citizens.

According to public deputy, «the situation with the construction of the palace complex, to which the name «Versailles» of Kosyuk has been consolidated by the people and the media, is probably the most striking manifestation of such power-oligarchic tyranny after the infamous «Mezhygirya» of Yanukovych».

As you know, in the last few years agricultural baron Yuriy Kosyuk built a huge palace complex — «palace on the bones» — on the priceless land of a unique monument of archeology of national importance — the settlement of the early iron age in the village of Khotiv (Khotivske hillfort) on the border with Kyiv. By the way, this is one of the largest Scythian settlements in Europe.

According to the media, «Scythian settlement in Khotiv was in the VII — IV century BC. Locals claim that they found clay crocks and do not exclude that with diligence you can dig Scythian gold. But on the richest, from the point of view of archaeologists, the north-eastern part of the settlement is not excavating anything. The heir to the ancient Scythians became an oligarch».

But on this, an arrogant billionaire did not stop. The national monument of landscape gardening — the «Feofaniya» park, which is adjacent to the Khotiv settlement, from Kyiv, has become something like a home territory of the oligarch, a kind of a pleasant bonus.

According to the media, «Feofaniya has the status of national significance since 1972, mentioned in the chronicles of the 15th century. But since 2015, it has begun to gain traits of the private line between the office and the «Versailles» chicken producer. In the park, Kosyuk and his friends are scrambling at speeds and frightening «slaves». Those, probably, have to bow — for the fact that they still are allowed to be on the pan’s territory».

A year ago, a deputy’s request to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the Head of the National Police of Ukraine appealed on «illegal construction of a private estate on the territory of a national archeology monument — the site of the early iron age in the Khotiv village of the Kyiv region (Khotiv hill-fort)».

According to the public deputy, «in December 2017 received the response of the Prosecutor General’s Office, which states that the results of consideration of the request by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Kyiv region on December 15, 2017 included information to the ERDR on the grounds of a criminal offense provided for in Part 1 of Art. 197-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. That is, only one article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine — «illegal construction», although in my inquiry there were many more facts and information about the whole complex of various offenses committed by many officials and institutions».

In addition, people’s deputy stated that «the actual sabotage of an effective investigation of a criminal prosecution opened in 2017» and noted that «such inactivity of law enforcement officers seems to be related to the proximity of the oligarch to the current authorities, which, according to Kosyuk, is the president’s counsel and the «friend of life» of Prime Minister Groisman».

So, in view of the slow reaction from the law enforcement agencies, as well as taking into account new media reports about additional cases of lawlessness, in particular regarding offenses and abuses in the territory of not only historical monument of Khotiv settlement, but also the adjoining national park «Feofaniya», the people’s deputy, along with his team, prepared a new voluminous deputy request.

The request, proclaimed by the parliament on September 7 and directed to the Prosecutor General, the Head of the National Police and the Director of the NABU, concerns «numerous violations of Ukrainian legislation regarding the monument of archeology of national significance «Khotiv hill-fort» and the park-monuments of landscape architecture of national significance «Feofaniya»».

The request on 12 pages details the concrete facts and episodes (illuminated in many mass-media) of the criminal acts in the interests of the oligarch Kosyuk from hands of about 10 officials and heads of institutions, in particular, the village chairman of Khotiv, a former director of the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences, the director of another institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, management of the «Feofaniya» park, ex-heads of the State Service for National Cultural Heritage, etc. A total of 9 articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, including «abuse of power», «fraud», «illegal enrichment», as well as «fraud» and «abuse of influence».

«I was compelled, in fact, to «chew» to the law-enforcers in detail the whole complex of offenses against «Khotiv hill-fort» and the «Feofaniya» park and to offer them to open the appropriate criminal proceedings and to carry out their effective investigation.

I am waiting for the proper reaction of the law enforcement agencies. And I will carefully and meticulously carry out parliamentary control over the further development of events. It is time to put an end to the feudal attitude of Kosyuk! I count on the support of the public and the media in this important issue for all Ukrainians», — said the people’s deputy.