TAS-KOMBANK: “kickbacks” by Valeriy Danilenko


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Recently, I published an investigation in which I described how the Interkassa payment system for servicing websites that distributed child pornography got into the life-long “ban” of the MasterCard payment system.

Back in July, news flashed across the information that the payment system imposed a huge fine of $ 160,000 on Privatbank. As it turned out, the processing of PrivatBank accepted payments for viewing sex on webcams, and the payment system that accepted payments was the integrator Liqpay * Interkassa. In a letter of MasterCard to PrivatBank indicated that this system accepted payment cards in the interests of the site with child porn.

MasterCard has sent the Liqpay * Interkassa system to a lifetime ban, according to the terms of its security system Member Alert To Control High-risk Merchants (MATCH). That is, he forbade the member banks of his system to accept and process payments through this “merchant”. However, the system after that did not die at all, but received a new life — now Interkassa is a partner of the Visa payment system, and is being processed in Serhiy Tigipko’s TAS-Kombank.

What immediately raised the question to Tigipko and his TAS-Bank: is his management aware of “the success of his partners, and who loves child porn there? The answer came unexpectedly, and was yet another proof of the fact that the genius of Mr. Tigipko on the management of commercial banks was somewhat exaggerated.

In TAS-Kombank there is a deputy chairman of the board Valeriy Danilenko. He is a direct relative of the head and co-founder of Interkassa Igor Zotko — he is married to the sister of the Danilenko’s wife Irina.

Both sisters are engaged in cutting and sewing, and opened a joint business for the production of children’s clothing. Thus, we can conclude that the deputy chairman of the TAS board with one hand covers the story of child porn service, and the other gets kickbacks from his relative for this, because his company is being processed by his own bank. What is either a conflict of interest when Tigipko does not see a mole under his nose, or an agreed scheme.

However, perhaps he is no longer up to the bank — after the purchase of the Forge in Rybalske from Poroshenko, he is now a weapon baron.

Alexander Dubinsky