The Ministry of Information Policy will pay ₴15 million for advertising on CNN


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The State Enterprise “Center for the Protection of the Information Space of Ukraine” of the Ministry of Information Policy on December 16, following the results of the tender, ordered LLC “CFC Consulting Company” advertising services for UAH 15.40 million. This is stated in the ProZorro system.

For incomplete December, we ordered the placement of information products of the customer on the world’s leading TV channels with a confirmed number of unique viewers of at least 200 million per month confirmed by the September Global Web Index research and 24 hours a day without a weekend in at least 150 countries. We are talking about 580 plots of 30 seconds in length, of which at least half are in prime time, as well as the accompanying banner campaign on TV channel sites with at least 500 thousand displays on the target audience.

According to “Nashi groshi”, the most expensive are the outputs of the plots in the evening prime time 17: 00-23: 59 at 35.7 thousand UAH. The winner plans to post stories on CNN International (UK). The transaction price is more than a third lower of the expected purchase price of UAH 26.00 million.

LLC “Euromedia Company” won the active bidding with minus 1% of the price, but it was rejected because of the detection of unreliable information, which affects the non-price evaluation criterion. The customer wrote in the tender documentation that the criterion for evaluating the offers “Price” implies 70% of the cost, and the remaining 30% comes from the proposed channel’s “over 350 million unique viewers per month”. The rejected firm indicated that BBCWorld News (UK) TV channel complied with this requirement, however, it allegedly did not confirm.

Another competitor was “Mediahead” of Igor Potievsky, which offered the placement of news stories on CNBC (USA). At the same time, CFC Consulting belongs to businessman and public figure Gennady Kurochka.