The “Ukrainian Heart” is a platform that unites Ukraine and Italy


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The “Ukrainian Heart” is a social and cultural platform that has united Ukraine and Italy in a desire to connect those, who are not indifferent to the future by joint efforts.

On March 15, 2018 in Italy, at the Aeroporti Di Puglia of Bari, the cultural and social project “Ukrainian Heart”, at the 14th “Workshop” presented a platform for the development of cultural and social diplomacy between the two countries — Italy and Ukraine.

At this special  event were presented: vice president of Italian region Apulia, representatives of all leading Italian tour operators, top managers of all branches of the power in Italy, owners and general directors of airports and administrations, representatives of the Kyiv City State Administration, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, well-known Ukrainian modern designers and artists, as well as representatives of top media holdings in Italy and Ukraine; main information channels and websites of the country.

The “Ukrainian Heart” is a social platform, whose main goal is to unite all people, who care about the creation of a positive image of Ukraine in the world, since merely combining the constructive approaches of business models, cultural and social views, as a result, will create the basis for the mutual decision of all existing issues and modeling the future as well», — said Igor Mizrakh, co-founder of the “Ukrainian Heart”.

«Today, the synergy of business and culture is precisely the powerful force of our modern society that fully satisfies all needs. Compared to the past times, such industries as cultural and social ones, were badly integrated into the traditional business models, and sometimes completely ignored as unnecessary. Nowadays, taking into consideration the lifestyle changing, absolutely in all spheres, and eliminating  of clear differentiation, businessmen are keep setting goals and plans for accelerated development with international business platforms, in accordance with the needs of the cultural and social direction», — emphasized Anna Maksymchuk, co-founder of the «Ukrainian Heart».

A harmonious and coordinated development that this cultural and social platform provides, will be an example of the need for an integrated approach (from dialogue to strategic planning for several years to come), as the only possible way out of a situation that is negatively progressing in a current Ukrainian society.

«Ukraine has always been, is and will be a country of talented and gorgeous people, who are proud to sincerely and openly build interaction with all representatives of other countries, living in its territory. It is no exception for the Italians, who today more actively open up Ukraine not only as a tourist, but also as a social and cultural partner, with whom it is easy to find a common language», — said Marco Franchini, general director of airports in the cities of Bari, Brindisi, Taranto and Foggia.

«After analyzing the main theses of coexistence and interaction of the “Ukrainian Heart” platform in the social, cultural, tourist and environmental spheres, we launched an initiative to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation between the co-founders of the Platform, Igor Mizrach and Anna Maksymchuk from the Ukrainian side, and the first vice president of the region of Apulia personally», — said Barbara Valenzano.

«Tourism has always been the driving force that unites people and countries. That is why the «IQ Tours», whose main goal is not only to provide comfortable and easy rest, supports the «Ukrainian Heart» platform also. We see significant work in the representation of this platform in Apulia for the development of clear tourist interaction. In addition, it is an opportunity to present all the diversity of Ukrainian culture», — said Julia Kovalenko, founder of a travel company the «IQ Tours».