The daughter of Viktor Yanukovych’s friend, judge Viktoriya Dzharty: millions of dollars, luxury estates and cars

The daughter of Viktor Yanukovych’s friend, judge Viktoriya Dzharty: millions of dollars, luxury estates and cars

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Everyone knows that after Viktor Yanukovych became the President of Ukraine, he “brought” to Kyiv his entire team of like-minded people, including judges.

The most well-known are Arthur Yemelyanov and Viktor Tat’kov, who have occupied key judiciary positions in Kyiv. However, there were others. At that time, judges — relatives of Yanukovych’s cousins who had no judicial experience were transferred from Donetsk to Kyiv. However, literally in 3 years they managed to make a brilliant career jump.

Meet the judge of the Kyiv Economic Court — Viktoriya Dzharty.

Viktoriya Dzharty was born on May 22, 1980 in Makeyevka, Donetsk region. In 2002 she graduated from the Donetsk National University named after Oles Honchar and became an assistant to the judge of the Economic Court of Donetsk. At the end of the year, Viktoriya Vasylivna was transferred to Donetsk Economic Court of Appeal, where she got the position of assistant to the First Deputy Chairman of the Court. In 2008 Viktoriya Dzharty was appointed a judge of the Economic Court of Donetsk region. And two years later, Viktor Yanukovych, as well as many other Donetsk judges, handed Viktoriya Vasylivna a personal decree to the Kyiv Economic Court. Here she works to this day (in 2013 she has been elected to the post of judge indefinitely). It should also be noted that in 2011, by the decision of the High Council of Justice Viktoriya Dzharty was appointed deputy chairman of the Economic Court of Kyiv. Therefore, it has been only 3 (!) years since her first appointment as a judge in 2008 until the appointment of the Deputy Chairman of the Economic Court in the capital. It is a phenomenal career that, obviously, could not have happened without political influence.

Viktoriya’s deceased father — Vasyl Dzharty was an influential politician in the time of Viktor Yanukovych and seemed to be his kum. In 1999, Vasyl Georgievich held the post of the chairman of the Makeyevka City Council on the issues of executive bodies, acting as Makeyevka city mayor, and in 2000 became the mayor of the city. It was during the period when Yanukovych headed the Donetsk Regional State Administration. In 2006, during the parliamentary elections, Vasyl Dzharty headed the headquarters of the Party of Regions and became a people’s deputy of Ukraine. In parliament, he was the first deputy chairman of the Committee on environmental policy, nature management and liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. On August 4, 2006, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved Vasyl Georgievich as Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine in the Government of Viktor Yanukovych. During 2007-2010 Vasyl Dzharty led the Transport and Communications Committee. And in March 2010, Vasyl Georgievich was appointed the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and headed the Crimean regional organization of the Party of Regions. Incidentally, in the media scandalous Stavytsky called “man of Dzharty”, whom he advised.

Not less influential is the judge’s husband — Valeriy Pavlovich Omelchenko. Valeriy Pavlovich was elected as a people’s deputy from the Party of Regions in 2012. He is known for voting for Yanukovych’s dictatorial laws “January 16”. Valeriy Pavlovich is also accused of crimes. For example, in the publication of the online edition of the “Left coast” reported about the possible involvement of Omelchenko Valeriy Pavlovich to the raider capture of the “Indar” plant, which is in state ownership.

According to the media, Valeriy Pavlovich Omelchenko is the head of Wellmind Invest Hmbh, a co-founder of OJSC “Energy Petroleum”. The Internet-edition “Comments” reported that in 2007, the communal enterprise “Krymteplocomunenergo” entered into an agreement with OAO “Energy Petroleum” on the supply of fuel oil and stove fuel worth UAH 54 million. Because this amount is significantly higher than the market price, because, according to the estimates of “Our Money”, the approximate value of purchased fuel on the market is UAH 22 million, such agreement allows us to assume a high probability of unlawful profit for OJSC “Energy Petroleum”. Also, energy market analysts associate Omelchenko Valeriy Pavlovich with LLC “Geolsoyuz”, which received a license for the extraction of gas condensate from Sakhalinsky field (one of the largest in Ukraine) in 2007, when the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which is directly related to the licensing of extraction minerals, was headed by the candidate for deputy, Vasyl Dzharty.

An interesting person is the sister of a judge — Olga Vasylivna Dzharty. In the declaration of family ties, we see that Olga Vasylivna from 2011 to 2013 was acting Deputy Chief of the Kyiv Oblast Customs. As of 2011, Olga was only 23! years old. That is how the head of the Customs Service Igor Kaletnik explained this situation: “Dzharty Olga fulfills her duties absolutely at a high professional level. This post is hugely deservedly. She clearly deals with accomplished cases. She has the authority of her subordinates. Therefore, I think, not age plays a role to occupy such positions”. He also added that, according to him, Olga Dzharty has been working in the system of the State Customs Service for a year and a half. Half a year’s work experience is, of course, a strong argument for the appointment of a young Olga Vasylivna to a leading position, but in this case it is hard to believe that it has been without political influence.

And let’s return directly to the person of Viktoriya Dzharty. Viktoriya Vasylivna in his comments does not hide the relationship between his career and the coming to power of Yanukovych. “The new government is a new job”, — she told reporters. Also, Viktoriya is not ashamed to expose her luxurious lifestyle to the general public. So, in the media you can find a number of her photos from parties and famous resorts in Courchevel or Miami. However, Viktoriya does not forget Russia as well. During 2014-2015, she repeatedly flew to Moscow, and after closing the air connection between Ukraine and Russia, she often flew to Minsk, which could serve as a transfer point for flights to the aggressor country. The situation is identical to a judge’s husband. He also often flew to Russia, and from 2016 — to Minsk.

There are questions to the status of a judge’s family. In her declarations for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, Viktoriya Vasylivna indicated UAH 5.1 million in income. Of this amount, the salary of the judge is rather small, while most of the revenues are gifts, property sales and interest on bank deposits. Businessman Valeriy Pavlovich Omelchenko earned UAH 200 million for the same period. However, it should be noted that from this amount — UAH 184 million Valeriy Pavlovich received in 2013.

Viktoriya Dzharty owns a house of 611 square meters. It is located in the Romankiv village near Kyiv. This housing cost her UAH 2.7 million in 2010.

Also, Viktoriya Vasylivna has property in Donetsk. In particular, she owns an apartment of 238 square meters. The cost of this apartment for a judge in 2000 was UAH 132 thousand. Also, Viktoriya has a garage in Donetsk. By the way, Viktoriya Vasylivna in 2011 didn’t declare her apartments and the garage as well. The family of judge’s husband has the estate in the occupied city. Valeriy Pavlovich Omelchenko together with his parents is owner of apartments of 64 square meters.

Also, Viktoriya Dzharty owns real estate in the Crimea. In particular, since 2011, she owns apartments in Kurpaty village, area of 172 square meters. It costs almost 1 million USD. Also she has a garage in the same place.

In addition, the couple owns two land plots in Bykivna, which was received in 2008. The area is 1000 square meters. It is obvious that they got this land from the state.

Valeriy Pavlovich Omelchenko also has an apartment with a garage in Kyiv, at the address: 13 Staronavodnitska Street. This is an elite residential complex in Pechersk district. The area of this house is 386 square meters, and its value at the time of acquiring the right in 2009 amounted UAH 4.6 million.

Viktoriya Dzharty also likes expensive accessories. For example, she declared 3 Rolex watches, Chopard and Harry Winston. And also two bags of the trade mark Hermes.

Among the movable property of Viktoriya Vasylivna Dzharty is also the car of the Bentley Continetal GT 2012 release, purchased in the same year. Its declared value is UAH 2.2 million. The judge’s husband is the owner of the Land Rover Range Rover 2015 release, which bought for USD 3 million.

All of the nearest relatives of the judge are engaged in big business. For example, the declaration states that Valeriy Pavlovich Omelchenko is the ultimate beneficiary of LLC “Hub 4.0” and a public organization “Association of Business Incubators”. He is also the owner of shares of PJSC “ZNVKIF VALORES” for the amount of UAH 206 thousand. Today, most of the revenues of Valeriy Pavlovich are salaries in the Austrian company IOC Trading GmbH.

As for other members of the judge’s family, we can see that the aforementioned sister of Viktoriya — Olga Vasylivna Dzharty is a key figure in the group of companies Prisajnyuk and Dzharty. This information is listed in the Analytical System YouControl. It is also indicated that the companies associated with the group are: 1) Pavlo Pavlovich Omelchenko — the father of the 7th convocation of the People’s Deputy Valeriy Omelchenko, a correspondent of the late ex-chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Vasyl Dzharty; 2) Valeriy Pavlovich Omelchenko — People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the 7th convocation, Viktoriya’s husband — the eldest daughter of the late ex-chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea; 3) Natalia Yevhenivna Dzharty — wife of the late ex-chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

As you can see, wealth in the family of Dzharty is more than impressive. But it is obvious that the source of this wealth was the proximity to Yanukovych’s power. And although since 2014 family revenues are no longer so impressive, they feel great.

Incidentally, in 2015 judge Viktoriya Dzharty was lustrously checking property status in accordance with the law “On purification of power”. According to the certificate, she successfully passed, although she did not even explain the source of the property.

On July 9, 2018, Viktoriya Vasylivna passed a qualification examination at the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine. HQCJ announced a break in her case. That is, the Commission did not find the grounds for the release of Yanukovych’s favorite. It is also interesting that the HQCJ decided to hold a closed-ended judge interview, and therefore the public cannot find out what the members of the Commission were asking Viktoriya Vasylivna.

As we see, the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine is in no hurry to clear the courts from employees who have received their positions because of obvious protectionism and enjoy the money earned through access to power. Obviously, the Viktor Yanukovych’s judicial system does not contradict the reformed judicial system of the current leadership of our state.

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