McDonald’s innovations threatens Ukrainians with serious diseases

McDonald’s innovations threatens Ukrainians with serious diseases

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In November, a scandal involving McDonald’s thundered in Britain. There, on large devices with touch screens, where customers can order food and drinks on their own, they discovered bacteria that are dangerous to humans, which, when ingested, cause infectious diseases.

In Kiev, McDonald’s is also in full swing now installing such devices. And that is very profitable: the queues are smaller, orders are made faster and there are more of them, more income. Here are just one serious but. On these touchscreens, after people use them, a lot of intestinal and fecal bacteria remain.

Yes. The British edition of Metro during the investigation found traces of feces on ALL such screens.

But washing your hands at McDonald’s with their small and not very affordable toilets is not so easy.

And for some reason, McDonald’s doesn’t install the usual sinks so that you can wash your hands with soap and water.

And it’s scary to imagine that eventually it enters the body of a person after he, having made an order in this fast food through a touchscreen, gets it and eats it with unwashed hands?!

Of course, you can always carry napkins or antiseptic.

But do all Ukrainians carry it with them?!

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