The future comes to Ukraine in different ways.

Sometimes massively and step by step, sometimes it breaks into life with bright events and personalities that cannot be overlooked.

I have already written about Igor Mizrakh, and I will write about him again and again.


I love what he does.

I love the way he does it.

I love he keeps doing this.

The phrase “life is a stage” is as true as it was in the days when Shakespeare wrote it. The world habitually assigns roles. People get used to the social masks they put on.

Cops scowl and move their strong shoulders as “strict guards of the law”. Business managers radiate confident reliability. Scientists try to be like scientists, gangsters like gangsters, and politicians like politicians.

These are the rules of the theater where a play called “life” is performed.

Talent travels to the beat of a different drum. It is always unpredictable, free from provincial shyness and loud as a shot.

This is not because it is vulgar and arrogant, but because it feels cramped within the framework of usual life, on a sheet in a cell into which many people obediently write their lives and destinies.

I’m talking about Mizrakh. Igor Mizrakh, the most singing lawyer and the best lawyer among pop stars. About a man, whose talk to the world is always immense, like the sky, and unhoped, like an old friend’s visit.

He can’t but irritate the supporters of heavy as shackles traditional values. Their “tired soul” worldview can’t stand a person who’s equally good at legal video advice and presentation of a new song hit, making political forecasts and cooking shows, caring for children and respecting parents.

The senile illness of the world must hate Igor Mizrakh for the strength of the lawyer’s word and the youth of his songs lyrics, for that, looking at him, it’s easy to see and believe that 50 years is not a middle age and not “maturity”, but the first half of life.

For the same things, the keepers of the rules hate, and an entire army of fans (me too!) love Igor Mizrakh.

And he seems to feel great on this edge of love and hate, politics and show business, fan fame and judicial envy.

He’s comfortable not wearing a mask, but turning his face to the severity of court hearings and noisy halls of pop concerts, acting himself in the many-sided theater of life.

The coin called “fame” has a downside. Type in letters M_I_Z_R_A_K_H, and some Internet sites will throw out a hot mug of information that Mizrakh Igor is an adventurer, a rogue and an enemy of the state.

However, official sources will object.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee Against Organized Crime and Corruption, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Lustration Committee, Adviser on Reforming the Law System, Police and Prosecutor’s Office, Assistant to the People’s Deputy of the Parliament of Ukraine ...

Add Order of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Volodymyr (III degree), diploma of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, “100-TOP Men of Ukraine”, “Politician of the Year”, “Lawyer of the Year”, “Man of the Year”

Not bad, huh? 

Now imagine that Igor Mizrakh considers the past fifty years a prologue, a preface to the putting in life the main ideas.

Truly, you’d better love or hate him, as you’ll never be able to stay indifferent.

They’re looking for a clue to his extraordinary talent in his name, and they hear in the mysterious m_i_z_r_a_k_h (“east” in Hebrew) an echo of an ancient mystery.

But there’s nothing mystical about Igor Mizrakh. He’s alive and vivid in every word and gesture, equally expressive in court and at a concert, in love and in conflict.

It would be good for his enemies to realize that the gift itself is great and mysterious. It needs no witchcraft.

Rumors sentence him to the love of the most beautiful women, imprisonment and mysterious release, fantastic victories and fatal falls.

Igor Mizrakh doesn’t argue. The owner of a media empire, he knows that Internet sites are rushing rivers flowing into a common ocean, where lies disappear and truth finds peace.

 I won’t describe his songs, although they are much more important than political forecasts and legal advice. Describing the songs of Igor Mizrakh is like depicting “the color of the dawn and the shape of a kiss”, a futile effort and monkey business.

 Take my word for it or find them on the net. Although, I’ve noticed more than once that the video cannot keep and convey the special energy of this man with boyish eyes, Igor Mizrakh, pop singer, politician and owner of several law firms. Something elusive and magical lives in them on stage while he’s singing and disappears when the last sound stops. A miracle doesn’t live in captivity...

 The phenomenon of Igor Mizrakh can be discussed and analyzed, but it’s better not to decipher it. God doesn’t look into the cookbook, creating those who make this world more beautiful. Let’s smile with gratitude. This is the best we can do.

 It’s so cool to dream that Igor Mizrakh is a harbinger of a new generation capable of defending their right to sing songs both in a fight and in court!

But people like him are always an exception...

Heaven’s smile...

Limited edition...

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