The finest hour of Ukraine began with battles and fires, the howling of sirens, and the smell of enemy armored carriers smoldering on the highways.

The world shuddered, and, holding its breath, started frankly admiring the battle. Watching a fight from the outside is the favorite pastime of a civilized man in the street.

It's worth looking at. The country that has been knocking on the timidly varnished door of the European Union for years has shown that it is the leader of the world community, mighty power, and the homeland of heroes.

Ukraine smashes Russian hordes, puts out fires, cheerfully bottles liquid death, and treats the Kalashnikov rifle as if it was born with it. It also gives birth to children, sings songs, observes curfews, catches rare marauders, and manages to compose funny jokes about Putin's monkeys on the go.

The USA and Europe are not just admiring, they are truly shocked by how civilized, how naturally and calmly our country is doing what they have been talking about in a frightened whisper for many decades - it's at war with Russia.

The parliaments of the world give a standing ovation, city streets get painted yellow and blue, Ukraine's application for EU membership is cheerfully accepted, money tranches and arms supplies are becoming systemic. Civilization is ready to do anything to remain a grateful spectator and not get burned by the Ukrainian fire.

However, the assessment of the role of the West in our war is the business of post-war analysts, now there is no time for talk. Without modern weapons, Ukraine would not be able to meet the enemy, and the Ukrainian Nation for a decade would turn into a multi-million UPA, blowing up commandants' offices, derailing trains, and hanging traitors.

Irreplaceable are the sanctions that, as the President rightly noted, could have been introduced a month before the war to finish off impoverished Russia and frighten well-fed Moscow before the first soldier dies.

Finally, the first volunteers to arrive at the Russian front arrived, and this fact requires no ironic reservations. Foreigners who came to fight have earned the proud name of "soldiers of Ukraine."

Yet of everything we call "Western support" is woefully small and not enough. It would be more correct to say support alone is not enough today, no matter how significant and saving it is. More than once the idea was voiced that the destruction of Putin's Russia is a global task of mankind and for some reason, Ukraine continues to solve this task alone.

With money and weapons, with the participation of arriving volunteers, with financial sanctions imposed on the enemy, but alone.

To understand why this happens, you don't need to delve into conspiracy theories. “We cannot close the airspace over Ukraine, as this would be equal to the conduct of hostilities with Russia,” Jane Psaki, wearing a red jacket, didn't hesitate to say from the podium.

More than once you and your children will dream of the sky of my country open to the enemy, red-haired Jane, and this is not a curse, but a prediction.

America and Europe are afraid to fight with Russia. They are afraid to even now, when ditties about the invincibility of the “steam roller” are drowned out the sobs of Russian prisoners and the cries of dying Russians when mangled Russian tanks covered our fields and roads with ironbark, and the one and a half meter Fuhrer announces mobilization, intending to send to certain death everyone he can catch in the open spaces of Russian Eurasia.

America and Europe are afraid. Such is the truth of the moment, simple as a shot. They are afraid of a wounded bear, as before they were afraid of him,  healthy and furious.

Okay, okay, give us money, transport, medicines, sanctions and weapons, weapons, weapons. The rest we'll do ourselves, and thank you very much.

That's just the global nature of the war with Russia is not a propaganda cliché, but an objective reality, which, among other things, the enemy's breakthrough to Energodar showed. Mad from the presence of asphalt roads, Russian Buryats fired point-blank at nuclear reactors from tanks, forcing the presidents of a dozen countries to nervously call each other.

Europe last night was separated from ten Hiroshimas by a concrete coating of nuclear blocks designed to withstand earthquakes, floods, and other peacetime troubles.

The coating turned out to be as strong as Ukraine itself. It survived.

It is easier for the US and the EU to flinch at every knock in the Ukrainian night than to take up arms. To take it together to put an end to the Moscow horde and its decrepit one and a half meter leader in a few hours.

In the anxious turmoil of the war, many Ukrainians didn't notice how timidly and gently yesterday (after a week of fighting and fires) Victoria Nuland communicated with the editor of the Russian "Echo". She was very kind and almost fawning over the orcs. She asked for a live broadcast, chose words, spoke with soft understanding.

Even this wise and experienced woman continues to believe penetrating intonation and logic can save her country from the wrath of Russian barbarians.

They won't, lady Victoria! Your country entered both the First World War and the Second. Later than others, and, as analysts say, with great benefit for itself,  but it entered, realizing that only participation in the battle, gives self-confidence and the right to vote in the post-war world.

Last night, the agenda for war was already knocking on the world door with the barrels of Russian tanks, and if the Ukrainian concrete had failed, the Third Nuclear would be a reality today without Putin's "red button".

The position of the American leadership can be explained by the remoteness of the Big Island from the Ukrainian war, but this argument isn't suitable for the EU. The European bus is crowded; we are all pressed against each other by fate and move along a common route.

It would be more correct to speak not about a bus, but about an airplane, where an explosion in the luggage compartment kills everyone, even those who fly in business class.

The global nature of the Ukrainian war is confirmed not only by the fact that we have 15 nuclear reactors, the explosion of a fifth of which is guaranteed to bury Europe in 12 hours.

The war has the character of a world conflict for many geopolitical signs, but a hard time loves simple truths, and shooting and a fire at the Zaporizhzhya Atomic Station have become the most terrible picture for the “peaceful part of Europe” in the unwritten textbook of the new world.

Europe, you will have to fight. Because we have 4 nuclear power plants, none of which we will give up without a fight. Because the midget, losing the war, will press the button on the nuclear control. Because if we collapse, the tank wedges of the horde will trample on your cozy farms and capitals, confidently circling them with a red pencil on headquarters maps.

Just because the Russian bear becomes a teddy only after being gutted.

Yes, this is the call of a fighting country with a taste of hope and slight misunderstanding. But this doesn't prevent what was said from being the absolute truth. Why is Europe afraid to go to war with the Russian Federation, which Ukraine burns at all its blessed crossroads?

It is absurd to draw analogies with resisting Hitler, those who were in that war have already left us, and history is not a teacher at all, but a Hollywood screenwriter working for the customer's money.

The truth lies not in memories, but in reports from the Ukrainian war fronts, showing the world that Russia is a common enemy, that shamefully paying off grief is unlikely to succeed, that we will surely win, and everything will be Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

Death to the enemies!

Author: Igor Mizrakh

Автор: Vse.Media

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