From the bank of Yanukovych junior withdrawn money through the Poroshenko’s bank

From the bank of Yanukovych junior withdrawn money through the Poroshenko’s bank

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During 2016-2017, about two billion hryvnias were withdrawn from deposits of the “Ukrainian Development Bank” (VBR), son of a runaway President Viktor Yanukovych, Oleksandr, through the cash desk of the “International Investment Bank” of Petro Poroshenko. At the same time, the bank itself earned about 20 million “commissions” on operations, according to the Schemes program investigation.

The journalists analyzed that the people who, under the presidency of Yanukovych, opened multimillion accounts in his son’s bank, are mostly middle-level employees of the VBR bank, who officially did not have such income. In a comment to journalists, some of them said that they did not even know that deposits of tens of millions of hryvnias had been issued for them. Others, having heard the question, refused to talk with journalists. In particular, according to information on bank transfers, in 2017, the former senior bank office manager Valeria Esaulkova withdrew about 80 million hryvnias in cash from her account. The former head of the design development sector, Yevhen Tkachuk — is nearly 70 million hryvnias. The former head of the business intelligence department, Roman Emelin, received about 50 million hryvnias in cash. And the former head of the VBR Securities Department, Oleksandr Kostilov, withdrew more than 20 million hryvnias through an authorized representative.

Esaulkova, having heard on the phone the question of 80 million, hung up. Tkachuk replied that he did not communicate with reporters. In a telephone conversation, Emelin stressed that this was a “bank secret”, but at the same time he asked the question whether he had millions in the deposit account: “never in my life”. In turn, Kostilov denied that he had a deposit account in VBR and that he was withdrawing such cash: “Some kind of nonsense, there was no such thing. I don’t know what you are talking about”.

Schemes’ journalists also noticed that in most cases, employees of the Yanukovych’s bank were withdrawing money in cash through the cash desk of the “International Investment Bank”.

“If we consider that the cash issuance commission is one percent, then the IIB could earn up to 20 million hryvnias just by commission”, — the investigation says.

At the same time, not all bank employees took money in person, sometimes this was done by a proxy. One of such persons was lawyer Oleksandr Salazsky, who previously worked in the structure of the “MAKO Holding” of Oleksandr Yanukovych. It was he who said that Yashar Khodzhayev, not a stranger to the family of Yanukovychs, lent money to the managers of VBR.

At the same time, journalists note that the investigation was not particularly interested in how legal the origin of Khodzhayev’s funds was, although this person was in the close circle of the son of the former president, and after Maidan the Yanukovych’s helipad in the center of Kyiv became the property of Khodzhayev. The Interior Ministry explains this by the fact that “they could not interrogate Khodzhayev” — “due to his stay in the Russian Federation”. In the end, it was on the basis of an explanation about the loan from Khodzhayev that the court decided to remove the arrests from the accounts in VBR.

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