Official of the Odessa Medical University Vladlena Dubinina had a dinner in the elite Kyiv restaurant that costs 3 minimum salaries

Official of the Odessa Medical University Vladlena Dubinina had a dinner in the elite Kyiv restaurant that costs 3 minimum salaries

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A proxy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Vladlena Dubinina, which NAPC suspects in violating anti-corruption legislation in terms of concealing the property to be declared, was seen in an elite restaurant in the center of Kiev.

According to reporters of the “Stop corruption” program, yesterday, December 17, Vladlena Dubinina was seen at the Catch Seafood Restaurant, located on the Volodymyrska 12 Street. Lady Dubinina ate seafood salad (655 UAH), octopus (755 UAH), oysters (at least 400 UAH for 6 pieces, the most expensive ones — from 1500 UAH), sea bass (295 UAH / 100 UAH) and finished all this with the wine. Based on the menu, the evening cost the company about 10 thousand UAH. This is 3 times more than the minimum wage in Ukraine.

We remind that the National Agency on Corruption Prevention reported that Dubinina did not declare “significant changes in property status”. The agency requested an official to provide explanations and acquaintance with the protocol on the administrative offense. Ex-executor of the duties of the rector immediately got the sick leave. It, as you can see, did not prevent her from visiting the prestigious restaurant.

To the journalist’s question about the NAPC’s inspection, and about where officials got money for such a dinner, Dubinina did not answer, but demanded to see the editorial task. And then in general she went on the offensive: “I ate. Do I have the right to eat? What do you think?”

She also said she was not hiding from the investigation, but was not going to investigate for questioning. In addition, it is known that the self-proclaimed rector appears in the investigation of the GPU on non-enforcement of court decisions and the damage to the state.

Recall that due to the scandalous appointments of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, abolished in court, and the absence of a head of the institution with a valid signature, a part of the students of the Odessa National Medical University did not come to study and the others were threatened with deportation.

According to eyewitnesses, Dubinina discussed her return to the OMU with the People’s Deputy.

“I heard, you were discussing that you plan to return to a medical university”, — said journalist Anton Klitny, but the official did not comment on it.

The restaurant Vladlena Gennadievna left by the blue Volvo XC60 2017 car. In Ukraine, the cost of such a car starts from UAH 1.6 million.

Recall, in the days of Yanukovych, Vladlena Dubinina worked as Deputy Minister of Health. In September 2018, by order of acting Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun, Dubinina was appointed as the Acting Rector of the Odessa National Medical University. On September 27, 2018, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv declared this order illegal. The team of ONMU called the appointment of an ex-Deputy Minister in an attempt to raider hijacking.

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