Pashinsky handed out candies from seized confectionery factory to the children

Pashinsky handed out candies from seized confectionery factory to the children

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People’s Deputy from the “People’s Front”, Serhiy Pashinsky, visited the Children’s Club of Free Fight in Korosten and handed out candies of the Zhytomyr Confectionery Factory. This is another confirmation of Pashinsky’s involvement in the raider capture of this company by the end of 2015.

Journalist Vadym Folker told in his video blog that the People’s Deputy chose Korosten as a district to be elected to the Verkhovna Rada in the 2019 parliamentary elections. That is why Pashinsky constantly holds various PR-events in the city. And his longtime friend and business partner Serhiy Tyshchenko has a great influence on the city.

In the video of Folker it is noted that candies in such boxes, which Pashinsky were handed out to the children, are not produced from 2015, since the capture of the factory. “Therefore, there are two variants of the appearance of these sweets. Or it’s just old packaging, or these candies made in 2015. These children are not his, Pashinsky does not care about them”, — the journalist says.

The journalist noted that it was from the sports clubs of Korosten, the People’s Deputy recruited sportsmen to participate in raiders. So in 2015 sportsmen from Korosten took part in the capture of the confectionery factory in Zhytomyr, which was organized by Pashinsky.

Vadym Folker admitted that young athletes, who are now 14-15 years old, can be used by deputy Pashinsky in raider attacks in the future, and advised parents to be more careful about what kind of clubs their children visit and who come to these clubs.

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